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Bust Fuel Review

The Bust Fuel is one of the most unique breast enhancement formulas available in the market today. The product makes use of capsules and breast creams to create fuller and shapelier breasts. Bust Fuel claims to be a safe and all-natural breast enhancing formula that has no side effects and produces effective results for the regular users.

How Does It Work?

Breast tissue development and growth are largely dependent on the presence of a certain kind of hormone in a woman’s body, called estrogen. Estrogen is naturally released into the system and is produced at fluctuating amounts all throughout a woman’s lifetime. Estrogen is released at its highest amounts during adolescence and pregnancy – which will simultaneously trigger breast size growth and tissue development.

After adolescence however, the production of estrogen hormones are halted and breast tissue development stops as well. Because of this, breast growth usually stops right after the puberty age.

Although there are some women who are satisfied with their cup sizes, there are quite a few who may not have fully developed their breast tissues during the adolescent years and are now dealing with size issues.

The Bust Fuel breast enhancement formula stimulates the production of estrogen hormones and brings back tissue development, giving women another chance at getting fuller and shapelier breasts.


The Bust Fuel is made up of 12 types of herbs that can stimulate the body to produce more estrogen hormones. It contains Black Cohosh extract, Fennel seed, Blessed Thistle, Damiana leaf, Hops extract, Pacific kelp, Motherwort extract, Mexican Wild Yam root, Saw Palmetto fruit, Dong Quai root, Oat grass, and Fenugreek extract.

These herbal plants have long been established and used in traditional herbal medicine to help stimulate the production of estrogen in the body, not just for breast enhancement purposes but for other health benefits as well.


Although the product has received mixed reviews, most of the customers have a lot of good things to say about Breast Fuel. They usually start out the same way: skeptical about seeing any kind of results. But after several months of use, many women claim that it has increased their breast size to at least a half cup higher each month.

However, the product requires at least six months of daily breast cream application and capsule intake before actually seeing results. After this, regular applications need to be done, once every four to six months, for more permanent results. The maintenance is an added cost for users.

Safety-wise, the Breast Bust does not contain dangerous steroids and chemicals that are commonly found in most breast enhancement products today.  They are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and are considered to be one hundred percent all-natural and safe for use.


So does the Breast Fuel actually work? Yes, it does really work.  The product can effectively produce a modest change in breast size. Like all other enhancers, Breast Fuel needs to be used regularly and on a long term basis to get permanent results.

Below is a comparison of our top rated breast enhancement pills.

Rank Brand Score Speed Safety Size Increase 60 Days Clinical Studies Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Price Index Visit Store
1. 95% 10% YES 67 days Read Review $59.95
2. 90% 8.4% YES 60 days Read Review $128.95
3. 87% 8% N/A 100 days Read Review $68.95
4. 84% 7% N/A 180 days Read Review $54.95
5. 83% 7% N/A 30 days Read Review $59.95

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