Firmestra: A Natural Scam

Firmestra seems like another choice in the new group of all natural breast enhancement medications that have been gaining popularity lately; however, this one has received a bad reputation lately as being a scam. While it offers many of the same ingredients as its competitors and claims to operate in the same way with only a few small differences, the results reported are far less than satisfactory.

Firmestra also offers a "Full one year money back guarantee" however, many of the people complaining about Firmestra say this is not the case, and they had to fight to get reimbursed. Firmestra seems on the surface to be a decent and safe breast enlarger, but with all these complaints, is it?

Ingredients: What’s in it?

Firmestra uses many of the same ingredients its competition does such as thistle, damiana, kelp, amino acids, saw palmetto, and a few other naturally occurring herbs that are then absorbed into the skin. These ingredients are all completely natural, and don’t offer any dangerous side effects besides the potential for an allergic reaction.

How does it work?

Firmestra uses these herbal ingredients to induce the breast into growing naturally via hormone balancing. The approach is much like the competition is said to have optimized the combination of natural herbs and ingredients that can spur the breast into growing and developing on its own. In addition to breast growth, Firmestra goes so far as to claim that the average women may also experience longer, and stronger orgasms.

The Results:

This all sounds great, and with the money back guarantee one would want to jump right on the band wagon and give Firmestra a go, however the results are not as positive as one would like to believe. Many people have complained about Firmestra being a scam, and that they received no results what so ever, making it seem that Firmestras natural ingredients may only act as a placebo.

The money back guarantee has also been a struggle for many people who have purchased the treatment and requested a refund. While it is attainable, there is an unnecessary struggle that makes it seem as though the business is shady.


There are a lot of these natural medicines to aid and induce breast growth and development. This one is very questionable, and with so many competitors out there with records that are impeccable when compared to Firmestra, it is suggested that you simply try one of those. Maybe Firmestra will work for some people, and with the ability to get your money back, even though it may be a struggle, we can see why one would attempt it as a last ditch effort if you have tried the others with a higher number of satisfied customers, but it should definitely be avoided as a first choice.

Rank Brand Score Speed Comfort Size
Increase 60 Days
Guarantee Customers
Visit Store
- 76% 6.5% N/A N/A Read Review $69.99

Below is a comparison of our top rated breast enhancement pills.

Rank Brand Score Speed Safety Size Increase 60 Days Clinical Studies Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Price Index Visit Store
1. 95% 10% YES 67 days Read Review $59.95
2. 90% 8.4% YES 60 days Read Review $128.95
3. 87% 8% N/A 100 days Read Review $68.95
4. 84% 7% N/A 180 days Read Review $54.95
5. 83% 7% N/A 30 days Read Review $59.95

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