Profemme: The Facts

Profemme has recently gained quite a following and has become well known for producing the quickest results enlarging breasts. They still recommend using the medication for around six months to ensure the maximum growth possible but for those looking to see results quickly, Profemme has become a go to.

A large draw to Profemme is that it is also FDA approved, and the company offers a full money back guarantee. When compared to the many other breast enlargement medications out there, most of which aren’t completely natural and don’t offer a money back guarantee, it’s easy to see why Profemme has quickly become the big hitter among breast enlargement treatments throughout the United States.

Ingredients: What’s in it?

Profemme is made up of many concentrated herbal extracts, making it one of the more natural treatments to enlarge breasts. The primary active ingredients are Blesssed thistle, wild yam, kelp, damiana, fenugreek, fennel, and dong quai.

Profemme contains no unnatural additives and when used all these natural herbs are absorbed, causing no side effects.

How does it work?

The key factor behind how Profemme works are complex phytoestrogens. They communicate to receptors found inside the breast and spur it to grow and develop. The extracts in Profemme essentially coax your body into developing in the breasts naturally, without using any unnatural ingredients.

The Results:

The results have been great for women using Profemme. Most of them notice their breasts feel fuller and bigger very quickly. Most continue to use the medication happily for the six months they are directed to do so, but results come much quicker leaving many satisfied customers. No side effects are reported, and with the product now being FDA approved, Profemme has passed the test and prevailed as a natural breast enhancement medication.


If you are looking for a medication to enhance, develop and enlarge your breasts, Profemme is the safest one out there. With its large customer base, one can see how the medication works satisfactory for almost everyone who has attempted to try it. Most women even notice results within ninety days and within three to six months, can grow a full one to two cup sizes.

There is no risk when using Profemme, as long as you aren’t allergic to any of the herbal extracts found in the medication, then you need not worry. As the treatment is completely natural side effects aren’t an issue, and the medicine will leave you unscathed. The companies promise to give you all of your money back if you are not satisfied is only a further testament to the genuine safety of this product. Now with FDA approval, there is no reason not to try Profemme.

Rank Brand Score Speed Comfort Size
Increase 60 Days
Guarantee Customers
Visit Store
- 73% 6.2% N/A N/A Read Review $79.99

Below is a comparison of our top rated breast enhancement pills.

Rank Brand Score Speed Safety Size Increase 60 Days Clinical Studies Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Price Index Visit Store
1. 95% 10% YES 67 days Read Review $59.95
2. 90% 8.4% YES 60 days Read Review $128.95
3. 87% 8% N/A 100 days Read Review $68.95
4. 84% 7% N/A 180 days Read Review $54.95
5. 83% 7% N/A 30 days Read Review $59.95

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