Bust Enhancement Pills that Work – A Review of Revitabust

If you are a woman and you desperately want to increase your bust size but are reluctant to “go under the knife”, as you are worried about the negative reporting regarding implant quality, don’t worry – you are not alone. But what, you may ask, are the alternatives, and do they work?

The other options of increasing your breast size are many and varied. They include creams and lotions, specials soaps, and pills. Regrettably many of these alternatives are actually scam products; that is to say that they are marketed by their manufacturers in the full knowledge that they actually don’t work. The whole object of their game is to extort the hard earned money from hopeful, but gullible ladies.

Unfortunately some products are known to cause some unpleasant side effects too, such as increased menstrual pain, and tenderness of the breasts themselves.

In this article we have set out to offer a non-biased review of a new breast enhancement pill called Revitabust. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Revitabust is said to be completely safe to take having no undesirable or unpleasant side effects. But what are its ingredients, and how are they supposed to work?

As regards its composition, Revitabust has many of the standard herbal products that that several other breast enhancement pills also have. These include Fennel seeds, Fenugreek seeds, and Dong Quai. But the special ingredient that Revitabust’s manufacturers have included, is something called Pueriaria Mirifica, a wholly natural plant extract that is Mother Nature’s equivalent to estrogen.

Estrogen has of course been linked to breast cancer, but this natural product only acts in the same way that estrogen does but without any of the possible associations with breast cancer. This natural equivalent helps to stimulate the growth of your breast tissue in much the same way as when your body produces estrogen through the years of pubescence.

Whilst you are recommended to take a course of Revitabust over a period of at least 6 months, there have been many reports of measureable differences being apparent after only four short weeks. Whilst this may or may not be true, (it is not always wise to rely upon the reviews found on a manufacturer’s website), it is undoubtedly true that substantial growth can be measured over 6 months.

In terms of benefits though, it is not simply increased breast sizes that are reported, but diminished period pains, and a lessening of menstrual bloods too.

Whilst Revitabust is not exactly expensive, it can be costly over a period of time. However, it is up to you to measure this cost against the more expensive cost surgery and implants, (and these are not 100% permanent, having to be replaced after several years). There is also of course the risk of burst implants, and of complications that can arise following a surgical procedure.

Whilst many products only include trace elements of the ingredients advertised, (the amounts being so insignificant as to render the products completely useless), the amounts in Revitabust are sufficient to stimulate breast tissue growth.

But as when introducing any sort of medication, herbal, or supplemental product into your body system, you should check with your doctor before doing so, and you should also do some careful online research.

Whilst every product can have some sort of bad press, Revitabust fairs better than most, and going by the feedback from its satisfied customers, it is definitely a product that should be considered seriously among the breast enhancement packages on the market today.

Below is a comparison of our top rated breast enhancement pills.

Rank Brand Score Speed Safety Size Increase 60 Days Clinical Studies Guarantee Customers Review Editors Review Price Index Visit Store
1. 95% 10% YES 67 days Read Review $59.95
2. 90% 8.4% YES 60 days Read Review $128.95
3. 87% 8% N/A 100 days Read Review $68.95
4. 84% 7% N/A 180 days Read Review $54.95
5. 83% 7% N/A 30 days Read Review $59.95

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